Hi! I'm Japanese.

I'm from Japan.


Do you know junya1gou?


「Who is he!?」

Did you think so???


Today,I will introduce him from now on.

(From a Japanese perspective)

Buy the way.I'm not good at English.sorry.


Let's go!


junya1gou biography

his name is Junya.


his height is 160cm.

(Japanese average height  is 171cm)

his age is 26.

his job is freeterUnemployed).

his real name is 「junya」

(Japanese popular name)「純也」or「淳也」or「順也」

he is the most follower on Japanese TikTok.



Why did junya1gou become popular?

He isn't popular in Japan.

But, he is popular in the world.




His twitter follower is 2601.

very few. ummm.....


It was TikTok that made him famous.

and, this is the his TikTok's first post.


2019 - 5 - 31


So.He suddenly appeared on the net.

The same is true for us Japanese.

「Who is he !??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!」



We think 「He's not funny」.

「Why is he so popular?????????」


But,I think his popular reason is........

first.「His movie is(little) interesting even if you don't understand the language.」


second「posted very very very often.」


I think it's like that.


Thank you for reading it until very end  🙂





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